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REVIEW: The Rise and Fall of Vinnie & Paul - The First Public Sharing

Review written by Tyrone Baptiste - 2.6.23

Photo credit: Max Alexander-Taylor pic: Nicholas Dawkes. Charlie McCullagh pic: Kim Hardy

The Rise and Fall of Vinnie & Paul tells the story of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin's house share from hell and what seemed to be a blossoming friendship turned into a nightmare. This new rock musical which was created by Neil Bastian explores this relationship from its rise in their little yellow house to the eventful fall.

The show is part of The Other Palace's ongoing effort to stage new and upcoming plays and musicals. It's part of Musical Bites where you eat and enjoy a 45 minute exclusive of new musicals.

This is the first time the public had seen the show with a performance attached to it. We were treated to snippets of some of the book also written by Neil Bastian. The songs were heartfelt, funny and poignant. A personal favourite of mine was 'Wheatfields with Crows'. It showed the vulnerability of Vincent and as an audience, you wanted to reach out and tell him it's okay to not be okay. The show's concept album was released on Soundcloud last year. To be able to watch the first public sharing of this show was a privilege.

The sold out audience of The Other Palace's Musical Bites for The Rise and Fall of Vinnie & Paul.

The show stars Max Alexander-Taylor as the troubled Vincent Van Gogh. Max has an incredible singing voice that captures the audience's hearts and invites you in on this emotional journey. Charlie McCullagh also stars as Vincent's roommate Paul Gauguin. Charlie has exceptional comedy timing and a vocal range that soars. These two voices combined together with Neil Bastian's music and lyrics is nothing short of a masterpiece itself.

Max Alexander-Taylor and Charlie McCallagh

Neil Bastian's lyrics explores the love of creativity and the endless possibilities that can happen when we channel our imagination. The lyrics highlights the importance of mental health and how we can all be affected personally and through watching a loved one experience it. This is a show that can be educational to watch as it explores one of the greatest artists of all time and how mental health does affect us all. This is a musical that I hold very close to my heart and I cannot wait for what will happen next with the show. It needs a fully staged production.

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